Civil Engineering Unit Cleveland , OH

CEU Cleveland can be thought of as having three arms: Asset Management, Regional Services, and Project Execution. The Tactical Operations Product Line is the Asset Management arm, responsible for waterfront, shore operations, and aviation facility assets. Regional Services provides support for depot and capital project coordination, facility assessments, contracting, environmental management, and real property administration. The design teams and construction form the project execution arm, charged with executing depot repairs to the AOR.                                                                                                                

Mission Statement

Civil Engineering Unit (CEU) Cleveland serves all Coast Guard entities in the Great Lakes and Mid-Atlantic Regions, which include over 132 facilities, 368 aid to navigation towers and lighthouses, 4,970 small aid to navigation structures, and over 8 million square feet of buildings valued at over $3.9 billion.    

Contact Information
1240 E 9TH ST CLEVELAND, OH 44199-2060
(216) 902-6200

Contact Information After Hours ​
Commanding Officer: (216) 902-6200
CEU FAX :  (216) 902-6277
Commanding Officer After Hours: (216) 902-6200
Conference Room Phone:  (216) 902-6279
Contracting FAX:  (216) 902-6278
D9 Command Center:  (216) 902-6117
Fed’l Protective Service:  (877) 437-7411