The Coast Guard Blue Technology Center of Expertise (BTCOE) is designed to educate industry, academic and  government partners about Coast Guard missions and technology requirements and to facilitate integration of state-of-the-market tools and capabilities in support of the service’s operational mission needs. The BTCOE is located on the campus of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla, California.

What is Blue Technology?

Blue technology is defined by Congress as any technology, system or platform that is designed for use or application above, on or below the sea surface, or that is otherwise applicable to Coast Guard operational needs. This includes any technology, system or platform that provides continuous or persistent coverage and supports or facilitates the Coast Guard’s 11 missions.


The Blue Technology Center of Expertise (BTCOE) is the Coast Guard’s official conduit to the technology sector, seeking innovative ocean-focused technologies to enhance the service’s missions.

BTCOE Mission

The BTCOE acts as a conduit between the service and the technology sector. The foundational mission of the BTCOE is to leverage partnerships to continually foster an innovative service culture and new ideas to enhance field operations.

BTCOE Objectives
  • Identify emerging ocean-focused technologies that may improve the Coast Guard’s national security and humanitarian missions.

  • Educate industry, academic and government partners regarding Coast Guard missions and technology requirements.

Example technology areas of interest:

Advanced SymbolAdvanced computing capabilities

Identification of technologies for collecting and utilizing information including: data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence capabilities that may improve Coast Guard operation and business models.

Next SymbolNext generation domain awareness

Identification of new technologies such as advanced sensors and autonomous vehicles that are poised to drastically mitigate risk and extend the reach of Coast Guard operations in the maritime domain.

Mobility SymbolMobility solutions for operations and support activities

Introduction of emergent tools to enhance frontline operations and related support requirements by allowing members to collaborate and execute, on scene and on demand.

Enhanced SymbolEnhanced technology systems

Identification of technologies that can increase operator safety and security by enhancing Coast Guard operations and improving logistics systems for global search and rescue, law enforcement, environmental protection and disaster response missions.

The Coast Guard has 11 statutory missions:
  • Ports, Waterways and Coastal Security
  • Drug Interdiction
  • Aids to Navigation
  • Search and Rescue
  • Living Marine Resources
  • Marine Safety
  • Defense Readiness
  • Migrant Interdiction
  • Marine Environmental Protection
  • Ice Operations
  • Law Enforcement

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The BTCOE is open to meeting with creators of technologies from across the United States and around the world. Highly tested or operational technologies have a significant benefit to the Coast Guard; however, we are also interested in technologies at various technology readiness levels. The BTCOE promotes awareness within the Coast Guard of maritime technologies that have the potential to enhance mission readiness and operational performance with not only current technologies, but also trends for the future. We are open to creative ideas and conversations about innovative tools that will lead to solutions.

Jennifer Ibaven

Jennifer's work has focused in technical facilitation, knowledge management and project management. Having previously worked for NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, she is excited and honored to bring her skills to the U.S. Coast Guard's Blue Technology Center of Expertise. A Southern California native, she spends her free time traveling and volunteering with various international conservation and women's organizations.

Dr. Peter Vandeventer

Peter is a multidisciplinary program manager and scientist with experience funding diverse and highly technical research and development activities for universities, small businesses and government labs to achieve innovative yet pragmatic solutions to challenging problems. He is excited to utilize his Department of Defense experience to support the U.S. Coast Guard’s Blue Technology Center of Expertise. While having spent the previous seven years in Virginia, he is a native of Los Angeles County, California. He enjoys spending his free time traveling, admiring nature, and spending time with his family and friends.