There are three primary sources of formal education accessible to children of Coasties in Puerto Rico.


Located at Fort Buchanan Army Base, the Antilles Schools are separated into three distinct schools: Elementary School (Pre-K through 4th grade), Middle School (5th through 8th grade), and High School (9th through 12th grade).


While there is no formal unified instruction, many parents who homeschool their children build support networks to cooperate on curriculum including Spanish lessons and Physical Education. Homeschoolers are welcome to participate in individual classes and/or afterschool activities at the DDESS schools at Fort Buchanan with registration. It is important to inform the school that you plan to homeschool and to participate in only parts of the program. Additionally, in the community, there are a few homeschool groups, including a group that does weekly field trips. If you are currently participating in or are interested in homeschooling please stop by the MWR office for the contact information for other parents doing the same.


Here are a few private school options – this list is not all inclusive.