Telework Guidance and Software

Manta Virtual Desktop (MVD)

MVD is a virtual desktop environment offering access to CG Desktop.

For more information visit the MVD site: MVD SharePoint Site


Maximize VPN with Portable GFE


Access all of your Dod365 apps from your browser with CAC

Teleworking Basics 101

  1. Do not automatically forward emails to your personal email. We are still required to adhere to our security controls and processes. We are not allowed to send un-cleared information into the public domain (to include your privately managed and maintained IT). This behavior constitutes an Insider Attack.
  2. If you are having trouble with your IT equipment or services and cannot access the network for assistance, the CGFIXIT phone number is 1-855-CGFIXIT (855-243-4948), select MVD/VPN options 1 - 3 - 1. 

Supported by an Operational Partner


Accessible with a Common Access Card from any Internet or NIPR connected computer, milSuite connects all Military, Civilian, and Contractor personnel from across the DoD enterprise.


Microsoft Office

Free Microsoft office help can be found at