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Be a Cyber Smart Teleworker

We are all responsible to the American people to safe-guard Coast Guard information. In this time of COVID-19 response we must adopt a heightened state of cybersecurity that considers our various alternate workplaces:
•       Be aware of who may be listening! Ensure that no uninvited meeting attendees are gleaning information in your conference calls, through you home smart devices like “Alexa”, or even from outside of an open window.
•       Be aware of an expected increase in phishing attempts. See CISA Tip Avoiding Social Engineering and Phishing Attacks.
•       Review your password best practices. See Choosing and Protecting Passwords and Supplementing Passwords for more information.
•       Contact CISA to report incidents, phishing, malware, and other cybersecurity concerns.

Reserve VDI & Bandwidth for Your Shipmates

  • All members and employees should choose the least bandwidth-intensive options from ALCOAST 094/20.
  • VDI should only be used by members & employees using personally-owned devices with CAC software installed, typically operational personnel with no access to GFE Laptops (includes Reservists).
  • Active Duty Members with access to portable the GFE Laptop shall use VPN browser-based (web) application on their SWIII, and refrain from using VDI for remote connectivity.


Maximize VPN with Portable GFE & Webmail, Medium Bandwidth

Telework Best Practices 
CGVPN Best Practices
How to Reload Your Outlook Profile
ONE Drive Set up Guide




  1. VPN (from USCG laptop) uses less bandwidth than VDI (from personal computer). Use VPN when possible instead of VDI.
  2. Sign into OneDrive using cg email, no other input will work.
  3. When you are done using VDI, please log off from the Start menu. We keep your session open when you Exit out of the application or just lose your connection so your work is not lost. If you do not log off when you are done using VDI, the session remains open and you deny someone else a slot until the session times out.
  4. Many applications are available from your personal computer. Where possible use these applications outside of VDI and VPN. Please see below for specific applications.
  5. The C4IT Service Center is in the process of upgrading our infrastructure to improve throughput of the network. However, refrain from using bandwidth intensive applications such as video streaming and desktop streaming while using VDI or VPN.
  6. When logged into VDI or VPN, please log off of Skype if you don’t require it to do your work in order to help reduce bandwidth consumption.
  7. If possible, please use Outlook Webmail while logged into VDI or VPN. It uses less bandwidth than Outlook 2016.
  8. Do not automatically forward emails to your personal email. We are still required to adhere to our security controls and processes. We are not allowed to send un-cleared information into the public domain (to include your privately managed and maintained IT). This behavior constitutes an Insider Attack.
  9. The tech tips currently accessed via CGFIXIT are stored on CG Portal, can be accessed off network, and is located here:
  10. If you are having trouble with your IT equipment or services and cannot access the network for assistance, the CGFIXIT phone number is 1-855-CGFIXIT (855-243-4948). Please understand, the personnel processing these tickets are being inundated right now. Your wait times will be longer than normal. Please refrain from submitting a ticket for non-critical issues and issues we’ve already been made aware of.  

Supported by CGFixIT:

Supported by an Operational Partner:


milSuite - Approved Solution with No Bandwidth Required

Accessible with a Common Access Card from any Internet or NIPR connected computer, milSuite connects all Military, Civilian, and Contractor personnel from across the DoD enterprise.


Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office training is available at and can be access via the member's CAC card. Trainings include self-led videos and text materials on a variety of Microsoft Office products. There are also live webinars available for sign up to learn the new features coming in Office365.