Base New Orleans Work-Life

If you are in crisis, call 911 immediately.

CG Support is available 24/7 – (855)247-8778
Regional Manager:           Office:   504-253-4721
Work-Life Supervisor:
      Office:   504-253-4701
WL# 202-475-5100, press 4 for D8


Our Work-Life Staff is available to assist Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and Civilian members of the Coast Guard family and their dependents with information, referral and direct services to meet their family’s needs. This highly trained group of professionals work to enhance mission readiness by ensuring that members and their families have access to information, services and training which promote and preserve individual and family well-being. This page highlights each Work-Life program and how to access services.

The Base New Orleans Work-Life Department Area of Responsibility encompasses all Coast Guard units assigned to or located within the geographical boundaries of District 8.