Coast Guard Reserve Management

The Coast Guard Reserve is a flexible, responsive operational force that exists to support the Coast Guard roles of maritime homeland security, national defense (domestic and expeditionary), and domestic disaster operations.

The Coast Guard depends on the Reserve force to be always ready to mobilize with critical competencies in boat operations, contingency planning and response, expeditionary warfare, marine safety, port security, law enforcement and mission support. Reservists obtain and maintain proficiency and readiness through a combination of training and augmentation. Commanders, commanding officers and officers-in charge shall ensure Reservists under their authority receive appropriate training and augmentation opportunities and administrative support. By doing so, Reserve forces will achieve mobilization readiness, while providing increased capacity to the local command. Individual Reservists shall obtain and maintain the skills and personal readiness required to mobilize.


Contact Information:

Base New Orleans Senior Reserve Officer/Deputy Incident Commander
Work: (504) 365-2234
Cell: (504) 628-0948

Planning Section Chief
Cell: (361) 438-4427

Logistics Section Chief
Work: (504) 253-4797

Operations Section Chief
Cell: (985) 212-2198

Deputy Operations Section Chief
Cell: (228) 218-0023

Reserve Berthing Coordinator
Work: (504) 253-4802

Health Services & Work-Life
Work: (504) 253-4721

Procurement & Contracting
Work: (504) 253-4507

Facilities Engineering
Work: (504) 253-4504

Comptroller & Base Operations
Cell: (504) 292-8511

Work: (504) 253-4792
Cell: (504) 413-0359

Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Information Technology (C4IT)
Work: (504) 253-4613

Naval Engineering Support
Cell: (504) 329-9243

Base Detachment St. Louis
Work: (314) 269-2376


For Specific Drill Weekend Information, please read and become familiar with the

Base NOLA Reserve Incident Plan
(please see the Base Portal Page for more information)


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