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CG-1 Flag Voice Introduction

The Flag Voice was originally started by then RADM Loy, Chief, Office of Personnel in 1992. It began as a means for the chief of Human Resources (HR) for the Coast Guard to communicate with other Flag Officers and senior civilians about the HR issues facing the work force. This in turn allowed the "Flags" to be more informed as they had opportunities to speak with their crews around the country. It has now evolved into one of the main venues for communicating information about important issues directly to all members of the Coast Guard, down to the "deck plates."

It is the intention of CG-1 to keep up this tradition and use the Flag Voice to speak with you about important changes and/or upgrades to the many facets of the HR system that supports you. They will generally be brief and to the point and may direct you to more in-depth information contained in areas of the CG-1 web presence or other entities that are part of this system (e.g. TRICARE's web sites).

We ask all of you to help in this endeavor by giving these Flag Voices the widest possible dissemination. It's a function of leadership to "carry the word forward." Look out for your shipmates and ensure they have seen and understand the information and discuss it as appropriate.


Assistant Commandant for Human Resources

2022 Flag Voice Messages
  • 585 - COVID-19 Special Leave Accrual

    Colleagues, as we near the end of the fiscal year I want to remind you of the phased reduction to the COVID-19 Special Leave Accrual outlined in ACN 055/21. On 01 October 2022, all active duty and qualified reserve military members will be authorized to carryover up to 75 days of leave into FY23. This will mark the completion of this Special Leave Accrual period, and the maximum leave carryover will subsequently return to 60 days for carryover into FY24.
    • Published On: 8/5/2022
  • 584 Women's Health Paper

    Colleagues, following the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, please take the time to review the attached issue paper highlighting the Coast Guard’s current policies regarding essential women’s health care. I want to emphasize that this paper outlines already-existing policies and is not announcing new or changed policy. We will continue to work with our DOD and DHS counterparts and TRICARE to maximize our ability to meet the health and safety needs of our workforce.
    • Published On: 7/25/2022
  • 583- Civilian Permanent Change of Station Status and Update on Other Civilian Incentives & ANCHR-21-16S

    On 1 June 2022, commands were notified that the Coast Guard funds for civilian Permanent Change of Station (PCS) were exhausted and job announcements for positions typically eligible for PCS were discontinued for FY22 for almost all areas. I am pleased to announce we are now able to begin offering these positions again with PCS entitlements. We are able to take this step as it is anticipated that any selections from these job announcements will expect to onboard after the start of FY23. Your HR specialists have been notified to once again offer PCS for eligible positions and look forward to working with your hiring managers to continue to fill civilian positions.
    • Published On: 7/25/2022
  • 582 Three Service-Wide Initiatives to Maximize Recruiting Efforts

    As the Coast Guard seeks to improve recruiting efforts throughout the country, we must take greater strides to attract future service members to our workforce. The best way forward is to galvanize the entire Service and our external stakeholders to maximize our recruiting efforts. The Personnel Service Center has directed three initiatives described below and we are planning additional actions. I appreciate your personal support and engagement.
    • Published On: 7/20/2022
  • 581 Military Uniforms During Community Events

    ​Colleagues, as the weather warms and COVID-19 loosens its grip on our communities, we anticipate members wishing to participate and represent the United States Coast Guard during events off-duty. These events can be extremely beneficial to our image and recruiting when done in a proper and professional manner.
    • Published On: 6/14/2022
  • 580 Pride Inclusivity

    Leading into Pride month, I would like to highlight a few basic ways that we can demonstrate greater inclusivity in the workplace. Each recommendation listed below is a D&I best practice and an opportunity to build organizational competency in inclusivity. Implementing these recommendations requires relatively simple changes, yet the can have significant positive impacts.
    • Published On: 6/13/2022
  • 579 Standard Mileage Rates for Official Travel

    The IRS just announced increases to the standard mileage rates that will go into effect on 01 July 2022. These increases will directly affect the mileage reimbursement rate for PCS and TDY travel for military members and civilian employees alike. The mileage rate for PCS travel will increase from $0.18 to $0.22 per mile, and the mileage rate for TDY travel will increase from $0.585 to $0.625 per mile.
    • Published On: 6/10/2022
  • 575 Update on Unvaccinated (COVID-19) Military Personnel

    ​Colleagues, I would like to provide a quick update on the current status of military personnel who have yet to come into compliance with the COVID-19 vaccination mandate. Roughly 2039 personnel (1559 Active Duty, 480 Reserve Component) remain unvaccinated. Of these, some number have received medical exemptions (permanent, temporary, or both) and religious accommodation. The remainder have either:
    • Published On: 4/15/2022

    ​I am pleased to announce the release of the Coast Guard Female Relevant Policies Resource Guide. This 16-page desk reference catalogs and summarizes dozens of current policies, instructions, and resources relevant to female service members and correlated with improvements to retention. Leaders should be aware of current Coast Guard policies and instructions, as well as correctly and consistently apply them. The Coast Guard Female Relevant Policies Resource Guide is a leadership enabler.
    • Published On: 3/23/2022

    Colleagues, the Personnel Support Initiative (PSI) is preparing to start Phase Two of implementation. Starting in AY22, the remaining Base Personnel Support Departments, Districts, Sectors, and Air Stations will transition. This Flag Voice is an update on the progress made in Phase One, and the way ahead.
    • Published On: 3/23/2022

    Colleagues, last year CG-12 implemented a pilot of the DHS Performance Management Program (DHS PMP) and ePerformance system (Phase One) for employees on CG-1 staff and at Base Seattle. We are required by DHS to implement this performance management program for all GS employees. I am pleased to announce that the remainder of the GS employees and supervisors will be transitioned during Phase Two in April 2022. The transition to the automated system will improve employees’ and supervisors’ experiences with the performance management process, as well as enable them to quickly access their electronic performance cases.
    • Published On: 3/23/2022

    I am requesting your assistance in maximizing our workforces’ participation in the Diversity and Inclusion Action Plan Survey, which is open 7 Feb-4 Mar. Given the relatively short timeframe for this survey, as well as the fact that it is not being “pushed” directly to members, the direct advocacy and follow-up of your commanders, supervisors and Chiefs’ Messes are critical to attaining the vital information this survey can garner for our Service. My sincere appreciation, in advance, for your time and support. v/r ECJ
    • Published On: 2/10/2022

    This Flag Voice announces the Coast Guard’s official participation in DoD’s SkillBridge Program. This program complements the Transition Assistance Program in preparing our separating and retiring members for post-Coast Guard employment. Unlike TAPS, however, SkillBridge is a discretionary program; COs, CDRs and OinCs should only grant permission for members to participate in this up-to-six month program if they can do so with no more than minimal impact to unit readiness.
    • Published On: 2/2/2022
  • 569 - USCG 2021 Organizational Assessment Survey Initial Results

    You will soon see an ALCOAST announcing the results of the Coast Guard Organizational Assessment Survey (CG-OAS) administered from 26 May 2021 to 16 September 2021, and further providing you the ability to access unit-level data (for those units that had eight or more respondents). This CG-OAS was a census survey, meaning every eligible Coast Guard member including active duty, selected reserve, and civilian members were provided the opportunity to participate. A total of 8,836 Coast Guard members completed the survey for an approximate response rate of 17%.
    • Published On: 1/31/2022
  • 568 - AY22 PCS Orders for Personnel Not Vaccinated Against COVID-19

    The purpose of this Flag Voice is to inform you of the next step in our efforts to getting the Coast Guard military workforce fully vaccinated. Please review it carefully. As we expect there will be numerous questions from units and individually, DCMS-DPR is looking to schedule a Senior Executive townhall in the near future.
    • Published On: 1/26/2022
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2021 Flag Voice Messages

Note: A skipped number indicates message not approved for Internet release.

Number Date Title
566 12/08/2021 Workforce Gender Relations Survey
565 12/06/2021 Direct Access Limited Access Period December 2021
563 10/19/2021 Coast Guard ASVAB Policy Changes
562 09/29/2021 PY22 CSPI Executive Champion Selection Program Process
561 09/22/2021 Temporary BAH Rate Increase
560 09/21/2021 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination for Civilian Employees, Update #1
559 09/14/2021 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination for Civilian Employees
558 09/08/2021 COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination for Military Personnel - Update #1
556 08/30/2021 JTR Update to TLE
555 08/30/2021 Body Composition Program Update
554 08/23/2021 U.S. Coast Guard Affinity Group Program
553 08/11/2021 URM Study - Final Report
552 08/02/2021 Reminder to take the Coast Guard Organizational Assessment Survey (OAS)
551 07/12/2021 Body Composition Program Update
550 06/25/2021 Senior Advisor for diversity and Inclusion
549 06/08/2021 Transgender Service in the Coast Guard
548 05/27/2021 One-Servicewide Exam (1-SWE)
547 05/21/2021 Coast Guard Organization Assessment Survey (OAS)
546 05/18/2021 Update to U.S. Coast Guard Leadership Competencies
545 04/22/2021 U.S. Coast Guard Instruction on Leadership and Diversity Councils
544 04/20/2021 U. S. Coast Guard Mentoring Program Open Enrollment
543 04/15/2021 FY21 Workforce Planning Team Closeout and FY22 Season Kick-off
542 03/12/2021 U.S. Coast Guard Mentoring Program
541 03/09/2021 Mandatory Updates to MILCONNECT
540 03/03/2021 Ceremonial Advancements
539 03/01/2021 Body Composition Program Update
538 02/23/2021 Direct Access Limited Access – Cloud Access Point
537 02/02/2021 Transgender Service in the United States Coast Guard
536 01/27/2021 The Coast Guard Working Group on Behavioral Health
535 01/22/2021 Mission Ready Total Workforce (RW30) Inlook
534 01/11/2021 Coast Guard Safe Homes Initiative Update #2
533 01/11/2021 Announcement of 2021 CONUS Living Pattern Survey