• Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)

  • Operating Agency Environmental Executive (OAEE)

  • Senior Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO)

  • Agency point of contact for Native American Graves Repatriation Act issues

  • Chairman of the Environmental Management Board (EMB)

The Engineering and Logistics Directorate (CG-4) develops, deploys and maintains the resources necessary to sustain the capabilities to meet operational requirements that support the Coast Guard's five fundamental roles: Maritime Safety, Maritime Security, Maritime Mobility, National Defense, and Protection of Natural Resources. To do this, our professionals are responsible for engineering and logistics throughout the Coast Guard. The Engineering and Logistics Directorate provides technical, logistics and engineering support for all Coast Guard operating programs (i.e., Search and Rescue, environmental, etc.). This includes performing or assisting in planning, design, construction, acquisition, renovation, maintenance, outfitting and alteration of cutters, boats, aircraft, motor vehicles, aids to navigation and shore facilities. Engineering, logistics, and maintenance responsibilities also include complete life-cycle support; installation, operations, maintenance and ultimately replacement.

The Engineering and Logistics Directorate is composed of 2,898 people: 133 located in Coast Guard Headquarters and 2,765 located at three Headquarters Units: Aviation Logistics Center, Surfaces Forces Logistics Center (which includes the Coast Guard Yard), and the Shore Infrastructure Logistics Center. The Directorate is responsible for managing an annual budget of one billion dollars.

CG-4 is a diverse organization consisting of military and civilian members from many different backgrounds and disciplines. The Engineering and Logistics Directorate has managers, engineers, environmental specialists, scientist, logistician, technicians and Information Technology specialists ... all vital to our ability to do our job. From the Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics to the field technician repairing a piece of mission critical equipment, the Engineering and Logistics organization performs as a vital asset that enables the Coast Guard to attain its strategic and performance goals.

The men and women of CG-4 ensure the Coast Guard's complex infrastructure is "always ready" to provide the necessary capability to the operational community to meet the Coast Guard's missions.

The Engineering and Logistics Team provides effective, affordable, capability for our customers, and into the future.

To develop and support the Systems which enable the men and women of the Coast Guard to be Semper Paratus ... today and tomorrow.