Logistics Support


The Acquisition Directorate not only acquires and delivers products that meet contract cost, schedule and performance parameters; CG-9 also works closely with other headquarters offices to ensure that the service’s logistics community and facilities infrastructure can absorb and support new assets effectively. Working with its partners, the Acquisition Directorate helps to provide total asset lifecycle management services, including logistics policy and process development and technical expertise to help acquisition programs transition products from procurement to operation and sustainment.

Why focus on logistics?

By focusing on the supportability of all assets procured under the Coast Guard’s major systems acquisition programs, the Acquisition Directorate helps to ensure that logistics requirements facilitate mission execution. Additionally, by bridging the gap between acquisition and long-term maintenance, the Coast Guard can anticipate future issues and build solutions into product lines up front. This allows for continual improvement through the application of lessons learned.

The Acquisition Logistics program provides coordination and policy guidance for the integrated logistics support plans developed to support and sustain the Coast Guard’s new major systems acquisitions. In collaboration with other Coast Guard headquarters directorates, the program fosters partnerships that help ensure that the logistics plans for new assets are sufficient and they comply with Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security policy guidance. Acquisition Logistics also works with the DHS to develop cross-component ILS guidance where commonality exists with other agencies.