Major Acquisition Systems Infrastructure

MASI Collage

The Coast Guard is in the midst of a monumental effort to recapitalize the service’s aircraft, cutters, boats and C5ISR systems. The Major Acquisition Systems Infrastructure (MASI) Program is charged with providing the facilities necessary to operate and maintain those new or upgraded assets. MASI projects include piers, hangars, maintenance and storage facilities, asset-specific training facilities and logistics support infrastructure. 

The Coast Guard utilizes a matrix approach for MASI efforts: Sponsors representing the Assistant Commandant for Capability provide requirements and asset laydown plans, program managers from the Acquisition Directorate provide asset delivery schedules and integrated logistics support, and the Office of Civil Engineering under the direction of the Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics helps with project planning and execution. The MASI program staff works to ensure that all infrastructure projects required to support new acquisitions or major upgrades are properly planned, funded and built to coincide with the delivery of the new assets. 

What does MASI do to ensure infrastructure deliveries? 

MASI infrastructure projects can involve demolition of existing structures that are not suited to support new acquisitions, planning and building new facilities and reconfiguring older structures to bring them within updated safety and environmental regulations and planning and building new facilities. Execution of this work requires feasibility studies, environmental impact analysis and business case studies. These steps help determine the location of new homeports for assets as well as the support operations and sustainment these assets will require for seamless operation. 

Why this program? 

MASI projects deliver infrastructure upgrades that are necessary to homeport and support new assets and ensure these facilities are fully functional and ready in time for each asset’s delivery. The Coast Guard identifies MASI funding needs early in the acquisition lifecycle and develops annual budget requests for MASI projects that are largely driven by asset delivery schedules. There is currently a large demand for new or upgraded shore infrastructure across the Coast Guard which drives the development of MASI projects in coordination with other critical infrastructure investments. MASI projects will support the homeporting of modern fleets of offshore patrol cutters, polar security cutters, waterways commerce cutters, national security cutters and fast response cutters and aviation upgrades and support services to accommodate the growth of the MH-60Ts, HC-130Js and HC-27Js.  

Completed/ongoing projects 

The MASI program is tasked with addressing critical issues that impact the acquisition process, including the deterioration of existing infrastructure, the increasing need for real estate acquisitions for new homeport locations, growing environmental permitting or remediation efforts and extreme construction industry cost escalations.  

The MASI program was formally created in fiscal year 2012. As of June 2022, MASI has completed 22 projects providing $390 million worth of shore infrastructure upgrades and has 24 active projects scheduled for completion in upcoming years. Key projects in process and completed are available on the MASI Fact Sheet.