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Acquisition Successes

Today, the Acquisition Directorate manages an investment portfolio worth approximately $1 billion annually. Several of the service’s recapitalization programs already have provided significant value to the Coast Guard. Some of the directorate’s successes include:

  • Delivering Legend-class 418-foot national security cutters, the most technologically advanced white hull patrol cutters ever to see service with the Coast Guard.
  • Upgrading the MH-65 Dolphin short range recovery helicopter fleet with new engines, adding 40 percent more power (B to C conversion); and airborne use-of-force capabilities and other enhancements (C to D conversion).
  • Completing Mission Effectiveness Project (MEP) refurbishment and upgrades for the Reliance-class 210-foot and Famous-class 270-foot medium endurance cutters and for the Island-class 110-foot patrol boats.
  • Delivering MH-60T Jayhawk medium range recovery helicopter conversions, with upgraded avionics, airborne use-of-force capabilities and new sensor systems.
  • Delivering response boats-medium, which replaced the service’s 41-foot and nonstandard utility boats with a high-performance platform featuring greater range and speed as well as a state-of-the-market communication suite.
  • Delivering Rescue 21, the Coast Guard’s advanced command, control and communications system, which is now operational along the coasts of the contiguous United States; Hawaii; Puerto Rico; Guam; the U.S. Virgin Islands; the Northern Marianas Islands of Saipan, Tinian and Rota; in parts of Alaska; and in much of the Mississippi, Missouri and Ohio rivers and their major tributaries.