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MH-60T Upgrade

MH-60J Jayhawk medium range recovery helicopters

Program Overview

The Coast Guard completed upgrades to its fleet of MH-60J Jayhawk medium range recovery helicopters in August 2016. Redesignated as MH-60Ts, the upgraded helicopters received new flight instruments and avionics, communications and navigation equipment. Internal configuration changes included the installation of a new digital glass cockpit with five multifunction display screens for flight and mission management capabilities. These upgrades dramatically improved reliability, mission performance and safety while addressing new Federal Aviation Administration navigation performance requirements. The program also upgraded and standardized the helicopters’ existing engines and completed work to extend the helicopters’ service lives for an additional 10,000 flight hours. The fleet of 45 MH-60Ts – including 42 upgraded helicopters and three Navy helicopters that were converted to MH-60Ts – transitioned to the sustainment community for continued operations and support Nov. 29, 2016. The upgrades will support MH-60T operations through 2027.


Jayhawk characteristics


Acquisition Milestones

June 2002 The Coast Guard establishes a program to convert its HH-60J Jayhawk helicopters – later rebranded as MH-60Js to reflect mission expansion – into MH-60Ts
Jan. 2007 The prototype MH-60T helicopter is inducted into the fleet
Jan. 2009 Work on the prototype MH-60T is complete
Feb. 2014 The service completes conversion of its last MH-60J to an MH-60T
March 2016 The service begins installation of the Block 2 Upgrade (B2U), a software modification to improve flight planning and navigation capabilities
Aug. 2016 B2U modifications are complete across the MH-60T fleet
Nov. 2016 The Acquisition Directorate transfers full responsibility for supporting the helicopters to the Coast Guard sustainment community