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Response Boat Medium

Response Boat Medium

Why this program?

The 45-foot Response Boat Medium (RBM) Program revitalized the Coast Guard's shore-based boat fleet, delivering improved speed, maneuverability and ergonomics over the 41-foot utility boat and other nonstandard boats it replaced. The RBM has proven effective in performing Coast Guard missions, including search and rescue; ports, waterways and coastal security; law enforcement; and drug and migrant interdiction. The Coast Guard acquired 174 RBMs to replace the 41-foot utility boat class, which was in service from 1973 to 2014. The RBM Program transitioned to sustainment in June 2015 and the Coast Guard completed an RBM electric retrofit program in May 2017.



  • Length: 45 feet
  • Maximum Speed: 42.5 knots
  • Endurance: one day
  • Range: 250 nautical miles at 30 knots


  • All-aluminum construction
  • Twin-diesel engines with waterjet propulsion, eliminating propellers beneath the boat to protect engines from debris and make it safer to retrieve someone from the water
  • Self-righting stability (intact)
  • Port, starboard and aft recovery platforms
  • Fore and aft weapons mounts


Acquisition Milestones

Oct. 2001 The Coast Guard Establishes The RBM Program
Oct. 2002 The Coast Guard awards contracts to three vendors to produce a test boat of each design for phase 1
Oct. 2003 Phase 1 is completed with delivery of test boats to the Coast Guard
June 21, 2006 After evaluating the test boats, the service selected and awarded phase 2 of the contract to Marinette Marine Corp. of Marinette, Wisconsin, for construction of up to 250 RB-Ms
July 2007 Construction begins on first RBM
March 31, 2008 The Coast Guard delivers first RBM to Station Little Creek, Virginia
April 7, 2008 The service begins operational testing and evaluation, an 18-month period to verify that the boats meet operational effectiveness and suitability requirements
March 17, 2015 The Coast Guard accepted delivery of the 174th RBM – the final RBM produced – achieving full operational capability
June 2015 The Acquisition Directorate RBM program transferred full responsibility for supporting the boats to the Coast Guard sustainment community
May 19, 2017 The Coast Guard completes an RBM electrical retrofit program


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