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To report a maritime distress situation in the greater Cleveland area,
please call:

(716) 843-9527

Commanding Officer
USCG Base Cleveland
1240 E. 9th St., Room 2133
Cleveland, OH  44199

(216) 902-6283

Be the Coast Guard's benchmark for cohesive mission support.

Commissioned in December 2011, Base Cleveland coordinates all regional mission support activities in the Ninth District. The Base is a regional command that provides logistics, engineering, administrative, financial, purchasing, and health care services to Coast Guard units throughout the entire eight state Great Lakes region.

The Base Commander synergizes field support delivery, establishes local command unity, and integrates the technical authority of logistics and service centers, product and service lines, and local, coordinated service delivery.

In a regional contingency, the Base Commander serves as the District Commander's DCMS staff element.