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This (site or page) is for Hawaii State Funeral Honors Request Only   


Military Funeral Honors

Requests for Honor Guard:

We require at least 72 hours notice to facilitate the Honor Guard Funeral Details submitted request.  Scan and email the request form (link) to please send all request within business hours M-F 0700-1500. Honor Guard events can be scheduled outside of business hours and on weekends if needed, with advance notice prior of 72 hours of the event.    

All funeral and burial at sea requests must be scanned and sent to the email address listed above. Fax machine requests will no longer be accepted.

We need a copy of the DD-214 or discharge papers along with the request form or we will not be able to process your request. Click on below link for the Request Form.

USCG Honor Guard Request Form

Area of Responsibility

Hawaii Island Chain – Oahu, Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, Molokai

Resources for Funeral Homes

Where can I find a flag?  Click for Flag Request                                                                 

Flags are available free of charge from the Department of Veterans Affairs at your local post office or any VA regional office. You must fill out VA form 21-2008 (link) and bring it to either the post office of VA office, where you will be given a flag. Please see the Department of Veterans Affairs (link) website for more information.

We would love to hear from you!  Positive feedback or notifying us of areas where we can improve is always welcome.
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Burials at Sea

All burials at sea conducted in Honolulu outside of 3 Nautical Miles offshore are limited to the scattering of cremains (cremated remains) only.  The Coast Guard can bury any citizen of the United States who has not been convicted of a felony.  Request and proper documentation must be provided by the next of kin which includes:

  • Photocopy of DD-214, Retirement Certificate, or Honorable Discharge (if prior military).
  • Certificate stating the requestor is the NOK or has authority to dispose of the remains.
  • Letter giving permission for the Coast Guard to perform the burial at sea.  The letter must state where and when they would like the honors to take place.


Family members at ceremony:

A maximum of persons that may attend will be determined by the size of CG vessel to be used. However, the unit conducting the Burial at Sea will determine how many people may attend.  Depending on the unit and operational schedule, fewer or no attendees may be allowed. If you are interested in having more than the allowable people attend your Burial at Sea, a contracted commercial boat would be the avenue to pursue (however, they will charge you for the services). Any vessel can perform a Burial at Sea as long as the adhere to the EPA regulations, reference web-link below.

A wreath may be placed into the water as long as the EPA regulations are adhered to, reference web-link below.

EPA website for burials at sea (link)

Upon completion of the ceremony, the Sector coordinator will send a letter to the family stating where and when the ceremony took place.  A copy of this letter should be sent to the regional coordinator as closure for the file.

Burial at Sea Request Form (link) - Used to request a burial at sea. Please complete the form, scan and email it to

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