Ticket Reimbursement Program


The Ticket Reimbursement Program offers a way for AD Members, their friends and guest to check out some of the great recreational and entertainment events happening in Puerto Rico. Each month new events will be posted. There is usually a maximum number of reimbursements available for each event and a time-frame in which the reimbursement request will have to be submitted. So how does it work you might ask?

  1. Check the current list of events and see if any strike your fancy.
    • Each event’s reimbursement amount, the maximum number of reimbursements, and the deadline to provide the proof-of-purchase will be noted if the details.
    • A full list of up-coming events for the current month can be found on the SSJ MWR Facebook page, at the MWR Offices, at the UPH.
  2. Purchase the ticket, if you so choose. Most you can purchase through a ticket agency like
  3. Keep your proof-of-purchase.
  4. Attend the event and have fun.
  5. After the event, email a copy of you proof-of-purchase to Karla or bring it in to a MWR office.
  6. A check will be issued from the accounting department (so it may take a few days) for the amount for the reimbursement.
  7. When you pick up the check, please sign that you received it, and that’s it.