C5I Service Center

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To be an adaptive and affordable service provider and protector of information and infrastructure that enable the Coast Guard to effectively execute its missions.

"The C5I Service Center exists to deliver technology solutions for mission success, and we do that through our product lines.  Everyone in the Service Center, myself included, works to make our six Product Line Managers successful.  They are the focal point and center of gravity for our unity of effort."

 – CAPT Russell Dash, Commanding Officer

About the C5I Service Center

The Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Cyber and Intelligence Service Center (C5ISC), provides depot level support for all the Coast Guard’s C5I capabilities under a single management structure.

Comprised of 6 Product Lines and 5 Shared Services Divisions, the dedicated workforce is geographically dispersed across 27 detached duty stations.

The C5ISC Product Lines serve as the Service Owner and single point of accountability to provide development, delivery, support, and technical expertise for assigned services and associated products.  They are the focal point and center of gravity for the C5iSC’s unity of effort.

The C5ISC Shared Services Divisions provide the engineering, logistics, and business mission support required to ensure Product Line success.