Assistant Commandant for Engineering and Logistics

Office of Environmental Management


 The Coast Guard Office of Environmental Management Office (CG-47) is committed to institute integrated environmental planning programs that are made part of day-to-day activities and decision-making; incorporate rigorous environmental compliance programs that emphasize pollution prevention, address environmental liability concerns, and reduce the use of specific designated hazardous materials; and prioritize funding and resources for mission and support-related environmental needs.

Long recognized as America’s Maritime Guardians, the United States Coast Guard has an obligation to safeguard our nation’s precious environment and resources.  As an enforcer of environmental laws, we are uniquely positioned to exhibit strong leadership in environmental stewardship and sustainability by enhancing mission performance through better operational planning and environmental management.
Environmental Compliance and is divided into two main teams:  Environmental Compliance and Environmental Planning and Historic Preservation.  More information about these teams and other CG-47 initiatives can be found by navigating to the links.