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Sustainable Aviation Fuel

As part of the strategic intent codified within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Climate Framework, and various supporting component strategies, the Department has committed to procuring sustainable aviation fuel (SAF), and eventually sustainable marine fuels (SMF). 

If eligibility requirements are met, subject to availability of funds, DHS will utilize Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) appropriated funds to facilitate an additional payment to the supplier for successful deliveries of SAF to any DHS component. At this time, up to $2 million has been allocated to accelerate DHS’s operational energy transition for obligation through fiscal year (FY) 2028. DHS does not expect funding to be a constraint through FY 2028; however, should there be a demand in excess of $2 million, DHS would consider requesting additional funds be made available for additional SAF procurements, either to sustain consumption of SAF at contract awarded locations, or to expand the number of DHS locations receiving SAF blends.

The total payment to a supplier will therefore be the sum of two payments:

1.     A payment to the supplier for the current commodity contract price;

2.     A payment to the supplier, only upon receipt of the quantity of delivered blend, identification of the U.S. produced feedstock from which the sustainable component was produced, and the blend rate, in the amount equal to the successful bidder’s total gallon price, minus payment 1 above.

For more information about the White House SAF Grand challenge, or the Inflation Reduction Act tax incentives for SAF and Sustainable Marine Fuels (SMF) visit Transportation Biofuels | Department of Energy.

Enhance Operations

Commandant (CG-46) empowers leadership to manage energy procurement and consumption by implementing programs and projects that reduce asset energy consumption and extend mission capabilities.

Strengthen Fuel Logistics Reliability and Flexibilit

Commandant (CG-46) bolsters the fuel logistics system to ensure stable, high-quality petroleum and alternative fuel supplies worldwide. Commandant (CG-46) implements shore-side projects at operational and mission support facilities that increase energy security by addition of alternative sources of energy.

Robust Fiscal Stewardship

Commandant (CG-46) develops and deploys enterprise-wide data analytics that strengthen fiscal stewardship. Commandant (CG-46) provides budget managers with the necessary tools to actively track and manage energy cost requirements and expectations in order to reduce budgetary requirements.

Advanced Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Commandant (CG-46) aligns and prioritizes innovative projects that address mission-degraded infrastructure and simultaneously mitigate future financial risks.

Promote Energy Consumption Awareness

Commandant (CG-46) engages leadership and build a culture of energy stewardship across all disciplines that considers mission, environmental, and economic consequences appropriately.