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Office of Civilian Workforce Management

The Office of Civilian Workforce Management:

  • Develops civilian policies and provides program oversight for the staffing, classification, recruitment, compensation programs.
  • Manages the civilian recruitment program to include, formulating recruitment plans and initiatives to meet specific program area needs.
  • Develops staffing policies and procedures to address promotion, placement, conditions of employment, reduction-in-force, and transfer of function.
  • Develops compensation policies to address basic compensation, premium pay, allowances, differentials, and other special workforces.
  • Adjudicates civilian claims and waivers with respect to compensation.
  • Adjudicates classification appeals.
  • Monitors the civilian drug-testing program, assuring compliance with governing regulations.
  • Adjudicates civilian claims and waivers regarding leave, health benefits, life insurance and retirement, within delegated authority.
  • Develops policies and procedural guidance and provides program oversight on leave administration, hours of work related to alternative work schedules, telework, employee absence, and types of leave.