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Office of Civilian Workforce Relations

The Workforce Relations Division:

  • Provides advice and guidance to customers in the areas of employee discipline and performance.
  • Provides guidance on agency and union statutory labor relations obligations.
  • Advises management on civilian employee grievances, appeals, and alternative dispute efforts.
  • Oversees the Coast Guard's employee and labor relations program.
  • Conducts supervisory training Coast Guard-wide in the employee relations and labor relations areas.
  • Represents management in dealings with third-parties on civilian employee relations and labor relations issues.
  • Develops policies and procedural guidance and provides program oversight on performance management and incentive awards.
  • Manages the performance management processes for civilian employees rated under the Excellence Achievement & Recognition System (EARS) and the Department of Homeland Security/Performance Management System (DHS/PMS).
  • Manages the civilian incentive awards program, ensuring employees are appropriately recognized and rewarded. Coordinates Coast Guard participation in award ceremonies.

Workforce Relations Brochure (.pdf)