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Coast Guard at Sea Air Space 2023

The following presentations were held in the Coast Guard booth at the Navy League’s Sea Air Space Expo April 3-5, 2023.

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Interview with the USCG Commander of the Atlantic Area

Vice Adm. Kevin E. Lunday 
Commander, Atlantic Area and Defense Force East

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Vice Adm. Lunday discussed current priorities and his vision for the future of the Atlantic Area, a mission area that extends across five districts from the navigable inland waterways east of the Rocky Mountains to the Great Lakes, Gulf Coast and East Coast of the United States throughout the Atlantic Ocean and adjacent parts of the Arctic Ocean to the Arabian Gulf. 

Interview with the USCG Commander of the Pacific Area

Vice Adm. Andrew J. Tiongson 
Commander, Pacific Area and Defense Force West

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Vice Adm. Tiongson discussed the Coast Guard operational landscape and current areas of focus for the Pacific Area, which extends westward from the Rocky Mountains across the Indo-Pacific, Arctic and Antarctic regions to the coast of eastern Africa. 

USCG: A Globally Deployed Cutter Fleet

Capt. John J. Driscoll
Chief, Office of Cutter Forces

Presentation: Globally Deployed Cutter Fleet

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Capt. Driscoll discussed current strategic mission demands on the fleet, where the Coast Guard sees operating in the future, and the innovations and skills necessary to improve the Coast Guard’s competitive edge now and into the future.

The Coast Guard and the Future of Maritime Domain Awareness

Capt. Thom C. Remmers
Unmanned Systems Cross-Functional Team Lead, Assistant Commandant for Capabilities

Presentation: The Future of MDA

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Capt. Remmers discussed how combinations of new technology offer the Coast Guard a chance to build broader maritime domain awareness and excel at mission execution.

Interview with the USCG Deputy Commandant for Operations

Vice Adm. Peter W. Gautier
Deputy Commandant for Operations

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As DCO, Vice Adm. Gautier discussed the Coast Guard operations enterprise, the organization that is responsible for the development of operational strategy, policy, guidance and resources that address national priorities. 

Recapitalization of C5I Onboard USCG Cutters

Capt. Vincent J. Skwarek
Assistant Program Executive Officer for C5I and Chief of C5I Acquisitions

Presentation: Recapitalization of C5I Onboard USCG Cutters

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Capt. Skwarek discussed how integrating renovation program planning of hull, mechanical and electrical systems alongside C5I systems will enhance the readiness of the Coast Guard cutter and boat fleet.

How to Partner with the Coast Guard Research and Development Center

Dr. Joseph Direnzo III
Director of Research Partnerships/Public Affairs Officer

Presentation: RDC Overview

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Dr. Direnzo discussed the multitude of ways to work with the Coast Guard Research and Development Center (RDC), located in New London CT, the Coast Guard's primary facility performing research, development, test and evaluation in support of the service's major missions and serves as science advisers to the service.

Coast Guard Buy Better Revolution

Contracting and Procurement Modernization Task Force
Presentation: Buy Better Revolution

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Mr. Gibbons discussed the purpose of the Coast Guard's efforts to modernize its Contracting and Procurement Enterprise through the Buy Better Revolution, an initiative designed to improve overall capabilities while easing the administrative burden on front line units and opportunities for industry to provide feedback as the service drives this initiative forward.

USCG Risk Mitigation through Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Sam Alvord 
Chief, Office of Energy Management
Presentation: Sustainable Aviation Fuel

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With the first-ever Coast Guard Climate Framework directing the Coast Guard to adapt to the accelerating pace of change and take active steps to reduce the service’s greenhouse gas emissions, the Office of Energy Management summarizes the data analysis, forecasted timelines and performance-based acquisition methodologies to facilitate this seamless transition.

Oil Spill Response – Tech Efforts on the Horizon

Kirsten Trego
Deputy, Office of Marine Environmental Response Policy

Presentation: Tech Efforts on the Horizon

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From across the spectrum of emerging research and development to proven operational capabilities, this discussion touches on how the Coast Guard is leveraging interagency, international and industry partnerships to drive advancements in oil spill response technologies.

Evaluating Search Effectiveness: Keeping Pace with Technology?

Cmdr. Matthew J. Mitchell
Chief, Office of Search and Rescue
Presentation: Keeping Pace with Technology?

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Cmdr. Mitchell gives a presentation on the Coast Guard’s need for a new method for reliably evaluating search effectiveness that meets the needs of the search and rescue mission.

Interview with the USCG Deputy Commandant for Mission Support

Vice Adm. Paul F. Thomas 
Deputy Commandant for Mission Support 

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As DCMS, Vice Adm. Thomas discussed the mission support enterprise, the 17,000-person organization that delivers the systems and people that enable the U.S. Coast Guard to perform its operational missions efficiently and effectively, and its current priorities. 

Robotic Process Automation

Dr. David F. Wiesenhahn
Modeling and Simulation domain lead, Office of Research, Development, Test & Evaluation and Innovation

Presentation: Robotic Process Automation

Archived Video

Dr. Wiesenhahn discusses a project that studied the development, implementation and sustainment of robotic process automation at the Coast Guard.

Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Capt. Eric M. Casper
Chief, Office of Specialized Capabilities

Presentation: Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems

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This briefing provides an overview of the scope of the Coast Guard authorities, mission sets and actions that may be taken to support Department of Homeland Security, Coast Guard and Department of Defense counter unmanned aircraft system-authorized missions.

Data & Artificial Intelligence at Scale in the USCG

Capt. Brian C. Erickson 
Chief Data Officer
Presentation: Data & Artificial Intelligence at Scale

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Capt. Erickson discusses the Coast Guard’s approach to develop a data stewardship framework, deploy data teams and generate insights to modernize the service’s data enterprise to best support operations in the maritime environment.