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Emergencies & Security

First and foremost, in case of an emergency…

DIAL 911

Bi-lingual agents should be available. Then, if calling from RBH, call the Gate Guard at 787.774.0054.


  • Medical Emergencies for Dependents
    • Call 911, if in RBH contact front gate afterwards or for assistance
    • Notify International SOS Call Center at 877.451.8659
      • option 1 for English
      • then option 1 to speak to the ISOS Nurse
    • Medical Emergencies for Active Duty members (after clinic hours)
      • Call Duty HS at 787.360.1613
      • Call the OOD at 787.501.6437
    • If you are not sure if you need to visit the ER, you can consult the Duty HS or one of the nurses from Tricare (ISOS) at any time, any day.


  • Be prepared to wait.
  • Bring warm clothing, blanket and pillow for your comfort (most hospitals do not provide these items).
  • In stressful emergency situations when it can be difficult communicating, consider bringing a friend, neighbor, or ombudsman with you for help. Never feel like you are here alone, there is always someone who can help.
  • If you need help translating in a medical situation you can call the Tricare Interpreter 800.834.5514.


  • If it is an emergency Call 911, if in RBH contact front gate afterwards or for assistance at 787.774.0054.
  • Contact Command Security Officer (CSO) at 787.729.4330.


In the event of a situation requiring the immediate action of a Security Guard, such as suspicious individuals or unusual packages discovered within RBH:

  1. Call the RBH Gate Guard at 787.774.0054.
  2. Call the Sector OOD at 787.501.6437.
  3. Do not touch or disturb unusual packages or containers. Keep people out of the area until instructed by proper authority.


Residents are asked to advise Security Guards (phone: 787.774.0054) in advance of expected guests, deliveries, or taxis. Guards have been instructed to challenge all non-residents attempting to enter the facility without prior notification. Visitors will be asked which resident they intend to visit and will be requested to show proper identification. The Guards will then attempt to contact the resident who is sponsoring the guest. Authorization to enter Housing will only be approved when contact/confirmation is made with the resident sponsor. The Guards will issue visitors a Housing Visitor’s pass to guests and allow deliveries to proceed to the resident’s quarters without escort. If the Security Guard cannot establish contact with the resident sponsor, the guest/delivery will be denied access.

  1. Housing guests who plan to remain for a period of 24 hours or more are required to obtain a temporary guest pass to be put on the windshield/dashboard. No ‘blanket authorization’ will be given for regular/local visitors; the verification procedure will be followed for each visit.
  2. CG personnel who reside outside of RBH are considered ‘guests’ to the residential compound in the sense that they are not tenants of RBH. However, these personnel are authorized to enter RBH to visit residents or use the community/recreational facilities with no prior notification or resident sponsor.


  • Poison Control: 800.222.1222
  • Emergency Vet: 787.765.1120 (map)
  • State Police: 787.720.2122
  • Bayamon Municipal Police: 787.720.5040
  • Bayamon Fire Department: 787.720.2222
  • SSJ Officer on Duty; 787.501.6437
  • SSJ 24-hour Operations Center: 787.289.2041
  • Tricare Emergency: 800.834.5514
  • Family Advocacy 787.502.0324

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