Tricare/iSOS MyCareOverseas APP

MHS GENESIS Patient Portal Link:

Express Scripts:

Overseas Screening Checklist (CAC Required)

Health Services

Health Service Clinic Information:

Specialty Care Referrals:

  • Clinic (Primary Care Manager) has 72 hours to process referrals (urgent conditions are an exception).
  • Check referral status, download, print referral authorization from MyCareOverseas APP
  • Contact Tricare/iSOS at 877-205-2990 for status update.

Contacting Base San Juan Clinic:

  • Call 787-729-2305 (one appointment line)
  • Use MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to request an appointment.
  • Phones are not monitored during lunch (1130-1230 AST) or Wednesday afternoons (1300-1600 AST). 
  • Duty Health Services Technician is only for afterhours acute/urgent conditions.

Periodic Health Assessment (PHA):

  • Step 1
    • Enroll in the PHA System
    • Select "Register New Account" and follow the instructions
    • If you have previously enrolled, move to Step 2
  • Step 2
    • Navigate to the PHA survey site
    • Use your Common Access Card (CAC) or your DoD 10-digit ID number and the password you created during registration.
    • If you are logging in from a non-CAC enabled computer, you can use your DOD ID and password. You will also need to answer your “Security Question” you set up during registration.
    • Don’t forget to have your 5 digit Unit Identification Code (UIC) on hand.
    • Once completed, a customized education form is generated.  You can save, print, or email this document for your personal use.
  • Step 3
    • Check your Dental Status. We recommend that you have a current dental exam in combination with the PHA to remain medically ready. Your dental status can be viewed at CGBI. If you are due for a dental exam or are Dental Class 4, contact your local dental provider and schedule an appointment.
  • ​Step 4
    • Gather your DoD# and a usable phone number.
    • Notify the Clinic at 787-729-2305 that all PHA steps are complete and your PHA survey is ready for review

Medication refills:

  • Contact the clinic to schedule a medical appointment with the prescribing provider. 
  • Use MHS GENESIS Patient Portal to request refills.
  • Refills take 72 hours to fill after the clinic is notified.
  • Providers determine the number of refills & length based on condition.

Civilian prescriptions:

  • Can only be filled by pharmacy officer.
  • May need to be filled at a Tricare network pharmacy if not available at Base clinic.
  • Chronic drugs will be filled via Express-Script (mail order).

Overseas Screenings Requirements:

Service Level Standards:

  • Military members: Clinic will complete medical section of overseas screening submissions with 7 working days of receipt.
  • Family members: Clinic will complete medical section of overseas screening submissions with 45 working days of signed released provided to clinic POC.