EP Warrant Program

All Coast Guard personnel (federal employees/military members) that sign as Environmental Reviewer and/or Senior Environmental Professional on Coast Guard National Environmental Policy Act and Environmental Effects Abroad of Major Federal Actions, Executive Order 12114 (NEPA/E.O. 12114) documents are required to obtain a warrant from Commandant (CG-47).
The purpose of the program is to promote:
  • Consistent and accurate compliance with environmental planning mandates,
  • High quality environmental review of Coat Guard NEPA/E.O. 12114 documents,
  • High Quality Advice on NEPA/E.O. 12114 document adequacy to the Proponent.
There are 4 different warrant levels which allow for different levels of signature authority:
  • Provisional,
  • Level I,
  • Level II,
  • Level III.