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Health, Safety & Work-Life

If you are in crisis, call 911 immediately.
CG Support is available 24/7 (855 247-8778 or
Work Life Staff Available 24/7 (206) 595-6435

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Sexual Assault
Response Coordinator
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Child Development
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The purpose of our Work-Life Staff and its associated programs is to enhance mission readiness and provide Work-Life information to Coast Guard employees, including direct and indirect referral and training. The GOAL is to get the RIGHT information to the RIGHT people at the RIGHT time. For the most part, the staff members are not direct providers of Work-Life services, but rather, serve as overseers and as a clearing house, ensuring that the customers receive the services that best meet their needs. The purpose of Work-Life initiatives and programs are to strike a reasonable balance between the needs of the Coast Guard and needs of our members and their dependents. This page was created to provide a conduit, using modern day technology, for information on the various Work-Life programs and services available to the Coast Guard family in the Pacific North West area.    

The Base Seattle Health, Safety and Work-Life Department area of responsibility encompasses all Coast Guard beneficiaries in District 13 (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana).