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Health, Safety & Work-Life

If you are in crisis, call 911 immediately.
CG Support is available 24/7 (855 247-8778 or
Work Life Staff Available 24/7 (206) 595-6435

Family Resource Specialist (FRS)

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May Chao


The Family Resource Specialist (FRS) is the primary point of contact for the Special Needs Program. This is a mandatory enrollment program for active duty members who have dependents with chronic medical, physical, psychological, or educational needs. The program’s objective is to ensure that members with special needs dependents are assigned to duty stations where they have access to and availability of medical services. The FRS provides resources and referrals to local, state, and federal agencies. The FRS is also the point of contact for CG adoption reimbursement program, CG Foundation Scholarships, elder care resources, and the alternate point of contact for child care services. (Click here for the main POC for child care services and subsidy program)