Base Seattle

U.S. Coast Guard Base Seattle


Base Seattle Clinic

If you have a medical or dental emergency CALL 911 or go directly to the closest EMERGENCY ROOM.

Hours of Operation

0615-1445 M-F By Appointment
1300-1445 Wednesdays Urgent Care ONLY

For an appointment call (206) 217-6432

After Hours

If you require after hours medical services please contact the Duty HS at (206) 673-1091. The clinic does not maintain a 24 - hour live watch.

Contact the TriCare Nurse Advice Line (NAL) to get health advice by calling the NAL, toll-free and 24/7. The NAL is an easy option for beneficiaries to access care quickly at any time. To access the NAL dial 1-800-TRICARE (874-2273) and select option 1. Once you have called NAL please notify the Duty HS at (206) 673-1091 for tracking purposes.