Base Seattle

U.S. Coast Guard Base Seattle




The Coast Guard Base Seattle Dining Facility (CGDF) is available to all uniformed service members, drilling reservists, Coast Guard civilian employees (including NAFA and Auxiliarists in training or supporting CG units), contractor employees working under a contract with the Coast Guard, official visitors, and sponsored guests.

We are currently serving "take out" style meals only, and are offering breakfast and lunch Monday thru Friday and on Reserve weekends (excluding Federal holidays) with the below meal times.

                                                               Standard Meal Rate                       Full Meal Rate              

Breakfast   0600 - 0730                             $2.55                                               $4.10

Lunch         1100 - 1230                             $4.65                                               $7.70


Dinner,  weekend, and holiday routine meals are available to-go from our A La Carte menu attached to the weekly menu. Authorized patrons can place a meal order by emailing NLT 0900 for lunch and noon for dinner. Lunch orders can be picked up and paid for at the dining facility at 1200, and dinners can be picked up at 1600.

We encourage comments and evaluations of our performance. Expressing your concerns helps us to improve our service to our customers, and your satisfaction improves our morale. Please fill out a satisfaction survey, available on the galley's mess deck, or email to share your thoughts with us.