Base Seattle

U.S. Coast Guard Base Seattle



Event parking on USCG Base Seattle is a privilege offered by the Base Seattle Commanding Officer enabling a limited number of eligible patrons to park aboard the Base without charge while attending off-base events at nearby stadiums or arenas within the downtown Seattle metro area. Parking is always subject to availability and may vary with little or no advanced notice due to operational demands or other Base limitations.

Eligible Patrons: Personnel possessing a non-expired military ID (including Veterans and retirees) and guests within their vehicle.

When & Where: Event parking is authorized from 1600-2200 during works days and 0800-2200 on weekends and holidays. Event parking is ONLY AUTHORIZED in the main lot where explicitly indicated by posted signage. Event parking is not authorized in any other location, including in designated Coast Guard Exchange parking spots. Questions regarding eligible spots shall be addressed with Base Security prior to departing Base.

Violations: Violations include, but are not limited to, illegally or improperly parking a vehicle, failing to abide by speed limits or posted signs, utilizing event parking outside of designated hours, interfering with maintenance and/or operations, interfering with emergency situations, creating a safety or security hazard, engaging in criminal or unlawful activity, aggressive or non-compliant behavior, or accessing restricted, controlled, or sensitive areas without an authorized escort. Personnel in violation of federal, state, local or Coast Guard regulations or policies may be subject to fines, an Armed Forces Traffic Ticket (DD Form 1408), towing or impounding at owner’s expense, or other penalties as authorized by applicable laws or regulations.

Other Limitations & Considerations: All USCG policies and regulations, as well as federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply while operating a vehicle on Base. Tailgating is prohibited. All persons and vehicles on Base are subject to inspections, including sobriety testing, as directed or approved by the Base Seattle Commanding Officer. No person shall knowingly or willfully display, present, create, or depict a symbol on their vehicle widely identified with oppression or hatred, or that could reasonably be construed to encourage oppression or hatred. CAC and military ID holders are responsible for the conduct of their guests and anyone in their vehicle