The Coast Guard awarded a contract to field telehealth capability to service members Sept. 22, 2020.


Coast Guard Care Anywhere

Telehealth CGCA

The Coast Guard provides primary medical, operational medicine, preventive health, and behavioral health support to the more than 42,000 active duty and 8,000 reserve members across 42 clinics and 160 sickbays. Access to health care has been a continued challenge for the Coast Guard due to the ongoing and projected decrease in PSH providers. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the system has been further stressed by an increased need for medical readiness services and implementation of new measures to safeguard the health of users. To address these long-standing and novel challenges, the Health Services program is moving forward with a rapid deployment of a telehealth solution.

How is it being acquired?

The telehealth program is working under an accelerated program schedule to reach full operational capability by the end of first quarter fiscal year 2021. The program released a Request for Information on May 8, 2020, released a Request for Proposal on July 24, 2020, and awarded a contract to MicroHealth LLC on September 22, 2020, to field the system, which will be known as Coast Guard Care Anywhere.


Telehealth is a remote delivery tool that allows health care professionals care for their beneficiaries, facilitating a wide range of services without actual in-person visits between the health care provider and the patient. Telehealth expands access to care and improves the patient experience by reducing travel burdens on the members. It also protects the users and providers during a pandemic event that requires social distancing. Other benefits of telehealth include:

  • Broader outreach of specialized services by providers including mental health.
  • Maximizes use of provider staff to support more remote areas.
  • Aids providers in doing more with limited resources.
  • Reduces the overall cost of care by providing greater access to CG resources.
  • Improves patient accessibility to care.
  • Provides less exposure to illness for patients and providers.
  • Increases patient options in seeking care.
  • Enhances provider flexibility to facilitate a healthy work life balance.
  • Improves member readiness, especially in remote locations.
  • Enables patients to manage health conditions at home, reducing hospital admissions.
  • Allows patients to stay where they are, leveraging their personal support network.


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Sep. 23, 2020 - Coast Guard awards contract to field telehealth capability to service members