The Coast Guard on June 29, 2022, took delivery of a new C-37B that will serve as the second long range command and control aircraft in a two-aircraft fleet supporting Department of Homeland Security and Coast Guard leadership. The new aircraft is designated by the tail number CG-102.

The Coast Guard is preparing for delivery of a C-37B long range command and control aircraft after completion of the external paint process March 18, 2022, in Savannah, Georgia.


C-37B Long Range Command and Control Aircraft

Coast Guard and Department of Homeland Security senior officials need to deploy throughout the world to manage missions such as maritime security, enforcement of laws and treaties, maritime safety, protection of natural resources, maritime mobility and national defense. Secure command-and-control transport is required to ensure continuity of operations and for use during national emergencies.

The Coast Guard utilized an existing Air Force contract Oct. 6, 2020, to order a new long range command and control aircraft (LRCCA), plus installation of Coast Guard-specific communications and security equipment, from Gulfstream Aerospace of Savannah, Georgia. The Coast Guard acquired a G-550 baseline aircraft with a completed certificate of airworthiness. It will transition to a C-37B aircraft through the outfitting of specialized equipment and sensors to meet Coast Guard mission needs. The contract delivery date for the fully outfitted C-37B LRCCA is June 2022

Why this program?

The C-37B LRCCA ensures that the Coast Guard will continue to provide long range command and control capability when the current aircraft’s lease expires. It has an expected service life of 20 years.



  • Length: 96 feet 5 inches
  • Wingspan: 93 feet 6 inches
  • Height: 25 feet 11 inches
  • Maximum Weight: 91,000 pounds
  • Cruise Speed: 0.80 Mach (345 mph)
  • Range: 5,000 nautical miles


  • Carries 12 passengers
  • 2 BMW-Rolls-Royce BR710C4-11 engines

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