This is my uniform. You don't have to enlist to join the U.S. Coast Guard. A workforce of over 9,500 civilians provide essential services in diverse business and technical fields while enjoying superior workplace training and excellent federal benefits in positions located across the U.S. There are over 200 series within the civilian workforce including, but are not limited to: computers/IT, economics/finance, engineering, marine safety, law, medicine, procurement, contract management, security/intelligence, trades/craft/labor, and vessel traffic management.


Today, the Coast Guard will:

  • conduct 45 search and rescue cases;
  • save 15 lives;
  • save over $1.2M in property;
  • seize 874 pounds of cocaine and 214 pounds of marijuana;
  • conduct 57 waterborne patrols of critical maritime infrastructure;
  • interdict 17 illegal migrants;
  • escort 5 high-capacity passenger vessels;
  • conduct 24 security boardings in and around U.S. ports;
  • screen 360 merchant vessels for potential security threats prior to arrival in U.S. ports;
  • conduct 14 fisheries conservation boardings;
  • service 82 buoys and fixed aids to navigation;
  • investigate 35 pollution incidents;
  • complete 26 safety examinations on foreign vessels;
  • conduct 105 marine inspections;
  • investigate 14 marine casualties involving commercial vessels; and
  • facilitate movement of $8.7B worth of goods and commodities through the Nation’s Maritime Transportation System.