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The Office of Safety and Environmental Health (CG-113) ensures that our people, systems, infrastructure, and processes are safely integrated to maximize mission effectiveness, mitigate workplace hazards and sustain healthy operations.


Commandant (CG-113)
U.S. Coast Guard
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The provision of effective and relevant safety and environmental health policies, programs, and expertise that enable the Coast Guard to achieve and sustain mission readiness and execution based on an operational risk reduction approach.


Align safety and environmental health programs with evolving mission needs and provide oversight of program implementation in support of all five Coast Guard mission sets, while cultivating a system safety culture embedded in mission execution.


Prevention, Protection, Readiness, and Service

CG-1K3 Divisions

CG-1K3 is comprised of two divisions that coordinate integrated activities with the HSWL Service Center and other safety, environmental and occupational health specialists to support mutual goals through delivery of contributing safety policy, programs, systems and tools.

Safety Program Management Division (CG-1K31)
CG-1K31 ensures that safety and occupational health policies, procedures, standards and programs are aligned with the operational needs of the Coast Guard.

Safety Assurance and Risk Reduction Division (CG-1K32)
CG-1K32 maintains a safety management system using innovative analyses and tools to identify and mitigate system deficiencies and minimize loss from preventable mishaps.

Safety Management System

CG-113 works with the Health, Safety and Work-Life (HSWL) Service Center and other safety stakeholders to manage cross-cutting programs that the support Safety Management System (SMS) pillars of Safety Policy, Safety Risk Management, Safety Assurance, and Safety Promotion.