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Afloat Safety

The primary objective of the Afloat Safety Program is to support Coast Guard Office of Safety and Environmental Health (CG-113) mission, vision and values by providing safety oversight and advocacy for cutters, patrol boats, and other afloat community systems and missions.

Afloat Safety Focus Areas

Team Coordination Training (TCT)
TCT is a training program aimed at changing the way we look at risk and work as teams. By focusing on six key aspects to TCT, we develop the team setting to examine risk and truly implement and apply the principles of Operational Risk Management (ORM).

WMSL Launch and Recovery System Safety
System safety oversight of WMSL launch and recovery operations and procedures.

Afloat Mishap Analysis Management
Facilitate active afloat COMDT Mishap Analysis Boards (MAB) and COMDT Safety Boards (CSB).

Afloat Safety Program Updates