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Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF)

The primary objective of the DSF Safety Program is to support Coast Guard Office of Safety and Environmental Health (CG-113) mission, vision and values by providing safety oversight and advocacy for Deployable Specialized Forces (DSF) community systems and missions.

DSF Focus Areas

Maritime Security Response Team (MSRT)
Rapidly deploy for higher risk Law Enforcement (LE) and Counterterrorism (CT) operations

Maritime Safety & Security Teams (MSST)
Port, Waterway, & Coastal Security (PWCS), Anti-terrorism (AT) and Special Capabilities

Port Security Units (PSU)
Expeditionary Port Security

Tactical Law Enforcement Teams (TACLET)
Drug Interdiction, Maritime Interception Ops (MIO), and Unit and International Training

National Strike Force (NSF)
Oil Spill, Hazmat incident and Chemical Biological Radiation Nuclear Explosive (CBRNE) event response

Regional Dive Lockers (RDL)
Underwater Search and Rescue (SAR) & ship husbandry

Naval Coastal Warfare (NCW)
Coast Guard billets assigned to NCW Groups that support NECC expeditionary ops

DSF Safety Program Information

Coast Guard members can type the key words “DSF safety” into any open CGPORTAL search field to review relevant DSF safety information, including the following program and policy updates.

  • Safety and Environmental Health (SEH) Support Services MSG FEB 14
  • Coast Guard Publication 3-1; (CG Pub 3-1), Deployable Specialized Forces
  • Deployable Specialized Forces Tactical Operations and Operator Policy, COMDTINST 16600.7A