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Safety Reporting and Analysis Guidance

The HSWL Service Center Safety and Environmental Health Division (HSWL SC (se)) provides primary guidance through publication of Tactics Techniques and Procedures (TTP) to follow after a reportable mishap. The information provided below is provided as a publically accessible supplement to HSWL Service Center information.


Safety Reporting
Prompt and transparent response, tracking and resolution of reported safety issues is vital to the effectiveness of our safety culture. Mishap reports and records are also required by federal law and provide the essential information needed to accurately identify and track corrective and preventative actions linked to reported mishaps and hazardous conditions. Safety issues are formally tracked in the Coast Guard Safety Information System (CG-SIS) and managed by the Coast Guard HSWL Service Center. To report safety issues, contact your supervisor or unit safety officer/manager.

Mishap and Hazard Reporting Guidance
The Coast Guard maintains an extensive library of companion procedures and guides to supplement the requirements detailed in the Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series). Supplemental mishap and hazard reporting guidance is published on the HSWL Service Center and Flight Safety Officer (FSO) CGPORTAL sites. Some basic mishap analysis and reporting guidance is provided below.

Human Factors Analysis and Classification System Guide
The Department of Defense Human Factors Analysis and Classification System (DoD HFACS) guide Version 7.0 Rev 01 provides a template that organizes the human factors identified in the investigation. It is designed for use by all members of an Mishap Analysis Board (MAB) to accurately record all aspects of human performance associated with the individual and the mishap or event.  An electronic copy of the guide is available for download at the Apple and Android app stores. Type in keyword “Naval Safety Center” to download your copy of the application.  Coast Guard members who attend the Advanced Mishap Analysis and Reporting Course (AMARC) receive a copy if the HFACS 7.0 Rev 01 Quick Series Flip Book.

Mishap Analysis Board (MAB) Handbook

Mishap Short Form
This form may be used as an interim data capture tool prior to subsequent entry into electronic mishap reporting systems

Mishap Analysis Report
A Mishap Analysis Board (MAB) is assigned to conduct an analysis and submit a formal preliminary report following major Coast Guard mishaps. The HSWL SC (se) and Commandant CG-113 will provide the appointed MAB members with an approved MAR template and other necessary guidance during the post-mishap process.

Medical Officer Report (MOR)
A Medical Officer is a MAB member that when circumstances dictate, will submit an independent report as a supplement to the Mishap Analysis Report. The purpose of the independent MOR submission is to collect critical but sensitive information while protecting the privacy of personnel involved in mishaps. The HSWL SC (se) and Commandant CG-112 will provide the appointed Medical Officer or Flight Surgeon with instructions and an approved MOR template and other necessary guidance during the post-mishap process.

Mishap Reporting

Mishap reports are entered by safety personnel into CGPORTAL applications managed by the Coast Guard HSWL Service Center. Additional safety reporting information.