We encourage those who conduct, support or observe Coast Guard operations and activities to report any hazardous condition before it results in a costly mishap. Both open and anonymous hazard reporting programs are vital to a healthy Coast Guard safety culture. Submit hazard reports through your unit safety supervisor, safety officer or other anonymous methods if necessary.

Download a copy of a Coast Guard Employee Hazard Report. 

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Safety Reporting

Mishap Reporting

Mishap reporting and record keeping supply the Coast Guard with critical safety information. Mishap reports and records are also required by federal law and provide data to identify and correct unsafe acts and conditions. Mishap reports are entered by safety personnel into CGPORTAL applications managed by the Coast Guard HSWL Service Center. Enter search terms “mishap reporting” for Shore & Afloat mishap reports; enter search term "AVIATRS" for aviation reports.

Mishap Reporting Guidance

The Coast Guard maintains an extensive library of companion procedures and guides to supplement the policies detailed in the Safety and Environmental Health Manual, COMDTINST M5100.47 (series). Analysis and reporting procedures are published on the HSWL Service Center and Flight Safety Officer (FSO) CGPORTAL sites. View guidance on basic mishap response, analysis and reporting procedures.