The Officer Personnel Management Division is divided into four branches:

  • (OPM-1) The Boards, Promotions, and Separations Branch deals with all active duty Officer and Chief Warrant Officer Boards, Panels, Promotions, Retirements, Resignations and Discharges.

  • (OPM-2) The Officer Assignments Branch places officers in various billets for all Coast Guard units.

  • (OPM-3) The Officer Evaluation Branch validates officer evaluations and ensures compliance with applicable policy.

  • (OPM-4) The Officer Career Management Branch conducts analysis of career trends and assists with providing officer career counseling.

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CGPSC (opm-1) oversees the Promotion, Separation/Retirement , Boards/Panels, Special Boards, Advanced Education/Post Graduate Panels, and Register of Officers. 

The Officer Selection Boards Section handles/considers individuals for promotion to the next higher grade.  As a part of this process, designation and appointment boards consider individuals to transfer into that specialty.  Selection Boards/Panels are also used to determine selection for Advanced Education and Post Graduate School opportunities. In addition, this section also holds Special Boards and Boards of Inquiry on a case by case basis. 

The Officer Promotions Section handles all of the following:  Processes all requests for Extended Active Duty by Reserve Officers.  Processes all Oaths of Office for Officers on Active Duty.  Processes eligible officers for Integration.  Processes requests for Inter-service Transfer.  Manages and produces the Register of Officers.  Produces the Officer Promotion Authorization List (OPAL).  Develops candidate pools for officer promotion boards.  Processes CWO and Officer Nominations and Appointments.

The Officer Separations Section handles all of the following:  Retirements.  Resignations.  Discharges.  Temporary Separation.  Officer Medical Waivers.  Officer Orthodontic Waivers.  Medical Delays of Separation.   Release from Separation Active Duty.

The Coast Guard Register of Officers is also maintained by OPM-1. The current Register of Officers is Coast Guard Personnel Service Center Instruction M1427.1H and provides a snapshot of the officer corps as of 1 January of the Register's year. The Register reflects an officer's precedence order as listed in their respective promotion list. This document is published once a year and Direct Access provides the real time data. CG PSC (OPM-1) and CG PSC (RPM-1) manages the Register of Officers.

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Register of Officers



The Officer Assignments Branch (CG PSC-opm-2) handles the assignments of all regular officers, Chief Warrant Officers, and reserve officers on Extended Active Duty contracts. 

Assignments of reserve officers not on Extended Active Duty contracts are handled by the Reserve Personnel Management Division (CG PSC-rpm).

Additional assignment information and related messages including Assignment Guides, Shopping Lists/Updates, assignment year SITREPS, road show information, individual assignment officer account notes, and panel information relating the Senior Command Screening Panel (SCSP), Junior /BOS'N Command Afloat Screening Panels (JCSP) and Senior Education and Fellowship Panel (SEFP) can be accessed at the following path (CAC Required): OPM-2 (



OPM - 3 Manages the Officer Evaluation System ensuring the integrity and consistency of this system in accordance with Chapter 5 of the Officer Accessions, Evaluations, and Promotions Manual (COMDTINST M1000.3A.   

Email OER questions to:  HQS-SMB-PSC-OPM@USCG.MIL

Email OER waiver requests to:  HQS-SMB-PSC-OPM-OER-WAIVERS@USCG.MIL

Commands are encouraged to digitally sign and email OERs to the following inbox:


Officer Specialty Management System (OSMS)

OSMS captures officer specialty supply (officers) and demand (billets). This information is critical to workforce planners and personnel management professionals in various activities; for example, accession formulation, training and education needs, assignments, and promotions. OSMS also provides officers and leaders with a blueprint for officer specialty career development. Additionally, unit leaders can use OSMS information to provide resources and opportunities for their officers to ensure a good officer specialty supply-demand match for effective mission execution. This site provides OSMS guidance and resources. 

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OSMS Additional Information:

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OPM-4 provides dedicated career management counseling to officers of all grades; with special emphasis on individual competitiveness, future career decisions, and officer career management analysis while serving as a resource in responding to other staff actions concerning officer career management.  Also, upon request, to counsel officers concerning competitiveness and failure of selection for Post-Graduate and promotion for grades CWO2 thru O-6.

OPM-4 targets junior officers (O3 & below) since their careers are typically less defined than more senior officers. Consequently, they tend to have more questions about how different assignment scenarios could impact future career aspirations.  We also target officers that are in-zone for promotion to help ensure that they have a complete record going before the promotion board.  Nonetheless, any officer who desires to discuss aspects of their career will be given ample opportunity and have the ability to benefit from OPM-4 services.

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