U.S. Coast Guard Medical Administration Branch "MED"

Disability Evaluation Section and Medical Review Section (PSC-PSD-MED)


To ensure equitable application of the provisions of the Title 10, United States Code, Chapter 61, which relate to the separation or retirement of military personnel by reason of physical disability.


The Coast Guard is required by Congress to maintain a disability evaluation system.  The objectives of the system are to:

  • Maintain an effective and fit military organization with maximum use of available manpower.
  • Provide benefits to eligible Coast Guard members whose military service is terminated because of service-connected disability.
  • Provide prompt disability processing while ensuring that the rights and interest of the government and the Coast Guardsman are protected.

Referral into the PDES:

A Coast Guard member is referred into the PDES by an authorized convening authority with a recommendation as to whether the member is medically fit for the duties of his or her officer, grade, rank or rating.

Standard of Unfitness Because of Physical Disability:

The mere presence of medical impairment does not in and of itself justify a finding of unfitness.  In each case, it is necessary to compare the nature and degree of physical disability present with requirement of the duties the Coast Guard member may be reasonably expected to perform because of office grade, rank or rating.

Formal Physical Evaluation Board (FPEB) Flowchart

Informal Physical Evaluation Board (IPEB) Flowchart




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