Personnel Services Division

Surge Staffing Section (PSC-PSD-SSS)

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Mission and Objectives

Our Mission:

To effect temporary duty assignments in support to all U.S. Coast Guard operational commanders ensuring mission completion. SSS has the authority to bring all appropriate Coast Guard Forces (active duty, reserve, civilian, and Auxiliary) to bear in response to individual augmentation requirements for natural disasters and national emergencies.

Our Objectives:

Expedience: We will always be expedient balancing our mission with urgency and the thoughtful restraint that steadies the operational commander's hand at critical times. We will be mindful that for every Coast Guardsmen up forward there are at least two supporting, and all are essential for the success of our missions. Regardless of the hour or the condition other Coast Guardsmen may be in dire need of the critical support that our Branch provides, therefore we remain Semper Paratus

Professionalism: We will be professional Coast Guardsmen despite the hour or the condition. We will be an Honest Broker, balancing the needs of the unit fairly against the needs of the member against the rest of the Coast Guard, eliminating unnecessary disruption to other units and missions. We will forge Lasting Relationships with Operational Commanders and Sourcing Partners. We will Respect our members and provide them as much consideration as possible in equitably assigning them to temporary duties. 

Resourcefulness: We will be resourceful Custodians, seek better ways to perform our missions, appropriately delegate authority, support prudent risk-taking, support creative thinking, and stay one step ahead of our operational commanders needs; review current surge staffing processes and adapt policies and procedures that will further complement the Operational Commander's planning process easing the burden in responding to national emergencies and natural disasters and whenever possible Move Coast Guardsmen Responsibly and with Consideration.

Above all, adhere to U.S. Coast Guard Core Values of Honor, Respect, and Devotion to Duty.


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