Personnel Services Division

Surge Staffing Section (PSC-PSD-SSS)



Volunteer Solicitation Procedures Help Guide


Commanding Officers and Officers in Charge should try to manage personnel transfers and temporary duty (TDY) as much as possible so they do not cause long term vacancies during deployments. For example, training should be requested during transfer season (i.e. pipeline prior to reporting) or during inport, dry dock, or dockside availability.

In the event a unit CO or OinC identifies a short term vacancy, use the decision making table provided to determine if the request should be volunteer only or mission critical. Once the volunteer only determination is made, submit a request to the Surge Staffing Section using the sample message provided.

The requesting unit POC’s will receive notification of command approved volunteers and will be responsible for selecting a candidate. The requesting unit will issue orders and will fund all requisite costs using their AFC-30 funds. If a unit selects a Reserve member to fill a vacancy, or has questions related to Reserve policy issues, it shall work with its Sector RFRS staff or contact its cognizant District (dxr) staff to resolve those issues.

Members who desire to apply for volunteer TDY/ADOS opportunities by using the Direct Access Mobilization System. Help guide and webinars with instructions on how to use Mobilization in Direct Access are located here: