Personnel Services Division

Surge Staffing Section (PSC-PSD-SSS)



  • Obtaining Personnel Resources To Meet Surge Requirements, COMDTINST M5400.1A
  • Short Term Personnel Support within Pacific Area, PACAREAINST 1330.1C 
  • Short Term Personnel Support within Atlantic Area, LANTAREAINST 1330.1 
  • ICS Job Titles & Abbreviations


    Contingency Staffing Support Team (CSST)

    The CSST is a group of Coast Guard members attached to PSC-PSD-SSS, experts in the use of the Direct Access Mobilization System, the Incident Command System (ICS), and contingency request for forces (RFF). The team is ready to deploy in an advisory capacity to ensure IMTs effectively managing inbound/outbound personnel, forecast personnel needs, and communicate effectively through ADMIN-OIX and Direct Access Mobilization.  

  • CSST Pamphlet