Base New Orleans

U.S. Coast Guard Base New Orleans


Accessing the Base

Personnel having access to Base New Orleans and other CG facilities onboard the MAF include all military, civilian, and dependent personnel holding valid government ID and their guests. In addition, visitor badges will be required for all civilian commercial, contracting, and delivery personnel that Base New Orleans enters into agreements with.

1. Civilian and Military Personnel Assigned to this Facility

Security personnel at the main gate will take physical possession of the ID to ensure all information is accurate and current and return it to the individual after inspection. This information includes picture matches the individual presenting the card, expiration date, rank/service match, and damages or alterations.

2. Visitors

Only the on-duty Base NOLA Officer of the Day can authorize guests to come aboard the facility through the NASA Security at building 350. In order to save time, please contact the OOD the day of the scheduled visit so they are prepared for your arrival. Ensure a valid government ID (such as a state driver's liscense with picture) is presented at the NASA Administrative Building when checking-in.

3. Lost/Forgotten ID Cards

If a civilian employee or a military member has lost or has an expired ID, allow him or her to use the phone to contact their supervisor. The supervisor or on-duty Base NOLA OOD will need to come to the gate and positively identify the person as assigned to this installation.

Base OOD Phone: (504) 329 - 1969