Base New Orleans

U.S. Coast Guard Base New Orleans


Procurement and Contracting

The Procurement and Contracting Department provides purchasing and contracting support for District Eight and Lower Eighth District units.  The Procurement and Contracting Department includes the following two branches:  Small Purchase and Simplified Application Procedures.  Services extended to outlying units throughout the lower Eighth District AOR include: Supplies Contracting up to $150,000.00, Services Contracting up to $100,000.00, and Construction Contracts up to $50,000.00, Purchase Card Organization Program Coordinator managing the training and processing of purchase card applications, and processing of ratifications for Chief of Contracting Officer review.

Location: Coast Guard Building, Room 237

Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday
0700 – 1700

Contact Information:

Senior Field Contracting Officer
Work: (504) 253-4507

Finance and Supply Warrant
Work: (504) 253-4513

Lead Contracting Officer
Work: (504) 253-4508

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