Employees are the most important asset of the federal government.  Both the employees and the government benefit when employees have services available to them that will help to maintain and enhance the quality of their lives.  From time to time, each of us experience personal problems.  We know that many of these problems can be solved with professional assistance.


Name Title Phone
Lillian Cockrill Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (757) 686-4027
Tina Helmick Employee Assistance Program Coordinator (757) 856-2610

EAPC's can assist with:

  • Suicide awareness and prevention
  • Workplace violence and threatening behavior prevention and intervention
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • Training Courses-Your EAPCs are available to provide instructor-led training to complement the computer-based training versions of the mandated training on: Suicide Prevention and Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)

In addition, your EAPC's can arrange or provide more in-depth topic-specific training for:

  • SafeTALK Suicide Awareness (3 hour training that teaches all hands the skills to identify people who may be thinking of suicide and keep them safe) and Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) (2 day training that teaches skills to provide suicide interventions)

The CG SUPRT is a professional counseling and referral service designed to help you with your problems on and off the job.  It is free, confidential within the limits of the law, and voluntary.

Assistance is available immediately to employees and, in some cases, their immediate family members.  All you need to do is contact a CG SUPRT counselor who will meet with you in a confidential setting.  The counselor will:

  • Help you assess the problem
  • Provide short-term counseling or problem solving when appropriate
  • Assist you in selecting a community resource, when necessary
  • Follow-up to ensure you receive quality assistance

Our professional counselors are prepared to assist you with virtually any issue or problem that may arise.  Some of the most common concerns include:

  • Emotional
  • Relationship
  • Family
  • Alcohol/Other Drug Use
  • Job

There is no charge to you for CG SUPRT services.  If a referral to an outside provider is needed, your counselor will help you access care through your health plan or refer you to affordable community resources.

CG SUPRT services are confidential within the limits of the law.  Your counselor may be required by law to report a threat of serious harm to yourself or another person.  In general, information from the CG SUPRT may be released only with your prior written permission.  Issues of confidentiality will be reviewed with you during your first CG SUPRT session.

  • Active Duty members and their dependents.
  • Select Reservists and their dependents.
  • Full time Civil Service Employees and their dependents.
  • Full Time Exchange System and MWR Employees and their dependents.
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