All personnel requiring access to Base Portsmouth must present a valid Military/Dependent or Civilian ID card. All personal weapons MUST be checked in at the security office prior to entering the base.

 Contact Information
 Security Officer  (757) 483-8586
 Assistant Command Security Officer  (757) 483-8586
 24 Hour Contact Number (757) 483-8586

Authorized Identification

Routine access is authorized for persons with a valid Armed Forces, Uniformed Services, DHS/DoD/CG Auxiliary Common Access Card (CAC), or military retiree identification card.


An individual authorized to provide Base access to visitors, vendors, and contractors.

Civilian Employee

An individual who is working for the government, receives pay directly from the government, and holds a valid Common Access Card (CAC).


An individual who is working for a company currently under contract with the government (receives pay from a third party not the government) and carries a valid CAC.


An individual not fitting any of the above definitions requesting Base access for business purposes who DOES NOT carry a valid CAC.  This term includes “general contractors”, company representatives, and any other civilian assigned to work at Base Portsmouth.


An individual requesting Base access who is not assigned to a Base Portsmouth tenant command or visiting vessel and does not meet any of the above definitions.


ALL VENDORS MUST BE SPONSORED (company employee/non USCG civilian) and possess a valid state or federal ID. All vendors must be vetted for sponsorship.

Who may sponsor

  • All active duty, reserve, civilian personnel and spouses (possessing a CAC card) may sponsor vendors and visitors.

  • Retired personnel and spouses who are routinely authorized access to the Base may sponsor visitors and vendors.

Visitor Escort

Visitors (relatives, dependent children, close friends, etc.) may be escorted by an accompanying sponsor or sponsored via e-mail notification to Security without concerns for vetting.

  • All visitors over the age of 16 must have valid state/federal Identification.

  • Visitors and personnel without proper identification may not be sponsored.  They shall only be allowed onboard with the expressed authorization of the OOD or an active duty member in the Security Chain of Command.  These individuals must be escorted by an authorized person.

Vendor Sponsorship

An individual not fitting any of the above criteria requesting Base access for business purposes who DOES NOT carry a valid CAC.  The following process is utilized for sponsorship of all vendors (including retirees):

  • A sponsorship e-mail is sent to Security requesting vendor authorization.  The e-mail must include the following: 

    Sponsor contact information, Company Name, Full name, date of birth, drivers license/ID (state and number), last four social security numbers, gender, citizenship, home city, and state.  Sponsorship must specify any access for work before 0700, after 1700, weekends, or holidays.  This requirement aids in managing vendors challenged by Security/OOD as well as persons who may attempt to access the Base during hours they are not authorized for.  Requests should be submitted at least 3 working days ahead of the visit to allow time for pre-approval using the Vendor Access Roster (below).
    Sponsors must be onboard while vendors are present.
    It is the sponsor’s responsibility to ensure all access requirements are met prior to the visitor/vendor arrival.

  • An approval e-mail is sent from Security Department to the front desk once vendors have been vetted.

  • Vendors must possess a valid Rapidgate (see “Rapidgate” below)


  • Possess a valid state/federal identification card AND be vetted.


    A commercial electronic vetting system utilized as follows:

  • A company is sponsored to conduct business on this Base.

  • The company submits individuals to be approved via Rapidgate for this Base.

  • Once the workers are approved the Rapidgate card will “scan green” at the gate meaning they have been vetted and cleared.

  • Workers who are not approved for this base will “scan red” and be sent to Security for vetting.

    Vehicle Access Requirements

    Upon attempting to access the Base and while on board the following items are required to operate a motor vehicle:

  • A valid state motor vehicle drivers license for the type of vehicle being operated by the driver and

  • A valid vehicle registration and

  • A current vehicle safety inspection if required by the state of registration and

  • Proof of financial responsibility (insurance, surety bond, certificate of self-insurance) indicating the insured operator and vehicle by license plate or VIN.

  • Motorcycles must also meet the following safety requirements:

  • Possess a current license with endorsement to operate a motorcycle on public highways. 

  • Possess a Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) Course completion card within the last 5 years.  In accordance with reference (b) members who require Base access to attend the MSF Course may request authorization from their command in lieu of possessing this card.  The temporary pass shall only be valid for the dates of the MSF course.

  • Wear the following Personal Protective Equipment: DOT or Snell approved motorcycle helmet properly fastened under the chin; impact or shatter resistant glasses, goggles, or full face shield attached to the helmet; gloves; long sleeves and pants; and footwear that covers the ankles.

  • Reflective vests are encouraged but not required.

Vehicle Pass

  • May be issued to properly sponsored or escorted visitors who require Base access for one day and comply with section 7.d. of this instruction.  All contractors and vendors must stop at Security to receive a vehicle pass.  If driving a marked company vehicle the vehicle pass is not required.  Vehicle passes may also be issued for temporary exceptions to documents required in section 7.d. of this instruction.  This provides the member with a 24-hour grace period to produce documentation that the error is being corrected.  Vehicle passes are only valid for a 24 hour period and are void when the vehicle departs the Base.

Vehicle Pass

Vendors in a marked company vehicle

  • No Pass required. 

  • Example: A vendor in a marked company vehicle who possesses a valid Rapidgate card (scanned green) may proceed directly to the front gate.  If they were pre-approved (via e-mail), they may proceed directly onboard. 

    Vendors in an unmarked vehicle (i.e. POV).

  • Example: A vendor in an unmarked vehicle who possesses a valid Rapidgate card will still have to come into the Security building to acquire a pass.  If they were pre-approved (via e-mail), they may proceed directly onboard after receiving the pass.

    Visitors participating in special event (i.e. retirements, etc).

  • The visitors name must appear on the guest list posted at the front gate.

    Rental vehicles are required to obtain a vehicle pass.  A valid rental contract is required at the time the pass is requested.

Special Event Pass

A pass issued at the gate to attendees for access to an approved event.  The pass will show the name, date of the event, and be accompanied by an approved guest list.

  • Special event guest lists must contain sponsorship information and contact phone number.

  • Guest lists must be alphabetical by last name in order to expedite access.

  • Guest lists must be received at Security 3 working days prior to the event to ensure passes are ready.

    Vendors (caterers, DJ, equipment supplies) MUST be vetted for sponsorship as explained above.