The purpose of the Leadership Diversity Advisory Council (LDAC) is to create and maintain a positive workplace environment where everyone is encouraged to use their unique talents and skill sets to achieve their full potential and maximize their contribution to the Coast Guard.

The Base Portsmouth Leadership and Diversity Advisory Council (LDAC) will be holding department level discussions on the first Tuesday of every month at 1000.  Our goal is to facilitate deck plate level dialogue concerning leadership and diversity issues and best practices at Base Portsmouth.  If you have any concerns regarding these topics or want to share best practices to improve the workforce climate or professional development, please see your department representative at this time.  Everyone is welcome to attend LDAC meetings. This is your chance to discuss your ideas in an open and honest forum aimed to implement

Meetings are held in the C4IT Conference Room at 1000 on the first Tuesday of every month, come be part of the team!


Position  Name Phone Number
LDAC Chair LTJG Robert W. Ford (757) 483-8491
LDAC Vice Chair IT3 Harrison Wills (757) 686-6800
LDAC Secretary GMC Stephanie Diedricks (757) 686-6767