Name Position Phone
CDR Stephanie Thomas Department Head (757) 686-4071
  Customer Service Center (757) 686-4002
  FAX (757) 686-4011
CWO Jessica Cramer Personnel Services Division Officer (757) 686-4116
CWO Jessica Cramer Decedent Affairs Officer (757) 686-4116
Dr. Charlene Cofield Educational Services Officer (757) 686-4116
YNCS Armaris Narvaez P&A Section Chief (757) 686-4032
 YNCM Jaqueline Campbell SPO Division Officer (757) 686-6776
YNC Paloma Orozco SPO Section Chief (757) 686-4009
CPO Joshua Blacketer Transient Personnel Manager (757) 686-4191
Mr. Julius Chatmon HHG/Transportation (757) 686-4190
  FAX (757) 638-2672
John Rusch Housing Division Officer (757) 686-4044
Brandon Haywood UPH Manager (757) 638-2498

Personnel Services Division (pp)

The Administration/Customer Service Branches provide a wide variety of services which include Administrative services for personnel assigned to Base Portsmouth and in some special cases, to operational and other units within the D5 AOR; Tidewater AOR Flight Arrangements/GTA; Mutual Assistance; HHG; DEERS; and ID Card issuance. They are also responsible for Transient Personnel support for operational afloat units that are tenants of Base Portsmouth.

Hours of Operation:
Admin:  Monday through Friday, 0700 to 1500.  After hours contact the OOD at (757) 483-8540. 
ID Cards: 
(Click here for ID Card Information)

Servicing Personnel Office (SPO) (ps)

The SPO maintains and updates personnel data records as well as investigating and resolving personnel and pay issues for various assigned commands in the Tidewater Area, Sector Hampton Roads, students and East Coast Recruiters.

Morale, Well-Being and Recreation (MWR) Division (pm)

Manages the MWR facilities onboard Base Portsmouth including a consolidated service club, Portside facility, gym, athletic fields, auto hobby shop and RV storage. Oversees MWR functions for the benefit of all authorized users in the Tidewater area.

Housing Division (ph)

The Housing Office is responsible for managing all facets of Coast Guard Housing in the Fifth Coast Guard District Area of Responsibility including owned/leased housing, Unaccompanied Personnel Housing (UPH), and Representational Facilities (RFs). Locally, the Housing Office is responsible for Housing Referral services, the Rental Partnership Program (RPP), and an 80 room UPH.