Base Portsmouth is pleased to offer HHG workshops that will assist you and your family with your upcoming PCS travel arrangements.

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Hours of Operation:

Mon-Fri 0730 – 1130 & 1300 – 1530

Household Goods (HHG) counseling is by appointment only



  Transportation Officer     CWO Joseph Belger  (757) 686-4116       
  Transportation Office Supervisor      Mr. Julius Chatmon  (757) 287-8579  
  Household Goods Assistant    (757) 686-4118
  FAX Number    (757) 686-4066





Members must sign original PCS/Separation/Retirement orders via your SPO before the household goods process can begin. During summer transfer season, it may take six to eight weeks from the day your application is process before your HHG is picked up. Please plan accordingly and monitor your PCS departing worksheet and status of your orders through your chain of command, Admin/PPPO and SPO.


Shipping or Storage Household Goods

Who is this for: This information applies to military members and Civil Service employees in the Hampton Roads Area that are in receipt of the following orders:

  • Permanent Change of Station (PCS)
  • Retirement
  • Separation
  • Local Moves

The following steps are required to ship or store your Household Goods (HHG):

This describes how to apply to the Transportation Office in order to ship or store Household Goods (HHG). Member should:

  1. Register for a DPS account at

  2. 2. Make sure that you View and Sign DD Forms 1299/1797

  3. Once completed and you are requesting a carrier, attach a copy of your official orders and send it to the Personal Property Processing Office.  Note: If applicable, attach a copy of motorcycle registration and or boat, title or lien holder for release.

  4. You may mail, fax or scan and e-mail your completed DD Form 1299 (sign in block 15 a & b) and DD Form 1797 (sign on the 2nd page at the bottom) to our Office, Personnel Support Department, Base Portsmouth within 45 to 60 days prior to your pack out date.  If you are processing a Personally Procured Move (PPM) please send your official orders prior to moving to recieve ap.

  5. HHG fax number is (757) 686-4066. HHG e-mail address:

  6. HHG Mailing address: 4000 Coast Guard Blvd, Portsmouth, VA 23703

  7. Member must sign all documents including the orders. Additional information is available in:

    • Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JFTR), Chapter 5, Part d
    • JFTR Weight Allowances
    • CG Personal Property Transportation Manual, COMDTINST M4050.6
    • DPS Registration
    • Logging into DPS
    • It's Your Move Pamphlet
    • Claims for FRV Coverage Counseling Checklist and Member/Employee Information. Full Replacement Value (FRV) applies to shipment with a pickup date on or after October 1, 2007 for International Household Goods (HHG), November 1, 2007 for Domestic HHG

Results and Follow-up:

You should receive a phone call from your scheduled moving company within days prior to your scheduled pack dates.  If you are not contacted, send an e-mail to  for guidance.